Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Islamophobia: It's not a Phobia

There’s been some recent buzz in the media about fear of Muslims and fear of Islam being intolerant or racist. Personally, I think part of this is conflated by the news media to increase revenue but I’m cynical like that sometimes. I also think fear of militant Muslims being called racism is complete horseshit.

Racism is a heavy word, one that shouldn’t be thrown around with impunity. Part of racism is based on the fallacious idea that there are races or subspecies of human. There aren’t any. We did not evolve into different racial groups but rather different ethnic groups and skin colors. Another factor of racism is the statement that some races are inferior and others superior.
Here’s the thing: when it comes to ethnic groups and more importantly religious groups, not all groups are equal.
I know, it is heretical thinking but hear me out.

Militant Muslims are a problem in this world. They are using their faith, Islam, as a cover for their own hatreds, bigotries, and goals. This is nothing new. Religious nutbags in America do much the same thing with Christianity. The main difference between the two: Christian fundamentalists aren’t calling for my head to get chopped off because I wrote a blog about atheism or taking the piss out of Christian fundamentalist whackos. The guys in ISIS would kill me for being an apostate first and then they’d try to kill me again because I’m not strictly heterosexual. All Christian fundamentalists want to do is make sure I can’t get married to a man. 

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