Saturday, August 30, 2014

Why I Write About Christianity So Much

There’s a conversation I had recently with a family member that inspired an essay awhile back. I used a great deal of harsh language in the essay and more than a few creative curse words.
Be prepared for a few more this post.
Watch this video after the jump. It’s only five minutes out of your day.

This is why I write and speak out against Christianity. This video, the family in it, and the violence they unleashed on Daniel Ashley Pierce, is the reason I’m sometimes one of those “angry atheists”.
To Daniel, I’m going to borrow the phrase from Dan Savage’s campaign: It Gets Better. It hurts like hell right now. My relationship with my mother suffered for years after she discovered my sexuality. Fifteen years after that discovery, she is the biggest cheerleader I have for living a happy, healthy life. She is the one person I turn to, no matter what, when I need advice or a sounding board. It wasn’t easy to get there, for either of us. I’m glad I didn’t have to cut her out of my life. I’m ecstatic that I get to have a healthy relationship with her. I sincerely hope you and your family can reconcile someday. Maybe you won’t want to and after watching the video, there are few people who could blame you. If they can’t make themselves a fruitful part of your life, that’s their loss. Put it behind you and live a life that makes you feel fulfilled and can only be described as joyous.
This part is far more vitriolic. To the Pierce family and any family that acts this way: You should not call yourselves Christians. That’s a funny statement coming from an avowed atheist like myself but there it is. Moral reprobates like you are judgmental, cruel, and put the “mental” in fundamentalism. I would say “Shame on you!” but you’d have to believe you’ve done wrong to feel shame. I’d bet good money the Pierce family feels pride at what they did. They took a moral stand for the Word of God.
And that’s the sickest part of this whole story.
A parent’s duty is to love their child. Not to always agree with the child’s decisions. Hell, sometimes it’s difficult to like your child (just ask my mother). Parents are supposed to love their child. Grandparents are supposed to love their grandchildren.
They are not supposed to physically assault their child or grandchild because some fucking book said your child or grandchild’s sexual preference is wrong.
People like the Pierce family have allowed their moral compass to be shanghaied by a book rewritten so many fucking times that we don’t even know if there is an original copy of it out there. Depending on how you interpret this supposedly infallible document (that can’t even get the order of creation right), man-on-man sex is icky. The book doesn’t even condemn rape, for fuck’s sake. Because the Pierce family got their “morality” out of a crackerjack box…I mean the book that tells a rape victim to marry her rapist…I mean the Bible, they beat the shit out of him and cast him out like trash.
Horrors like this are just one of the reasons I and many others speak out with such passionate anger against religion.
And just to show what real charity looks like, the Gofundme set up to cover Daniel’s living expenses since his family kicked him out with nothing has received over $93,000 in donations. They were only asking for $2000.

This charity is what love looks like. Take note. While I may not like humanity in general, people will always surprise you.  

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