Thursday, July 3, 2014

Caveat about Christians

Recently my mother and I had a conversation regarding my essays speaking out against Christian bigotry and hypocrisy. As I’ve mentioned in previous essays, my mother is a Born Again Christian, a firm believer in the Bible, and while no longer vehemently anti-gay marriage, she is still one of those Christians that believe being gay is a choice rather than a biological drive. She pointed out to me that in my essays I don’t make enough of a caveat for Christians who don’t act like the Mark Driscoll's, Tony Perkins’, or any of the other religious blowhards who have made it their mission to make life miserable for LGBTQ people.
And she’s right.
I don’t make the caveat explicit in my essays. I could do it more often but I don’t. And there’s a damn good reason why I don’t.

I know all Christians aren’t cut from the same cloth.
Unfortunately, people like Tony Perkins and Mark Driscoll don’t. They assume that they’re speaking for the whole of Christians in America when they get up and spout complete bullshit about the dangers of homosexuality and alternative lifestyles. The reason they’re able to get away with it is because progressive Christians like my mother don’t raise their voices loud enough to drown out the hatemongers in their own faith traditions. Conservative Christian cocksuckers like John Hagee get air time and states he was glad Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans because “there was to be a homosexual parade there on the Monday that the Katrina came”.
Or there are solid gold asshats like Matt Barber from the Liberty Counsel (which is a patronizing name for a group seeking to strip liberties away from American citizens) who states that anyone promoting LGBTQ rights is using “euphemistic language to dishonestly conflate human rights with disordered sexual license”. Having seen a picture of Matt Barber, he should have a sexual license. I feel deep pity for whoever has to fuck that man. I think sex with Matt Barber should be considered a human rights violation.
Or there is Mission America leader Linda Harvey, who seems to believe that having American soldiers and Boy Scouts in a gay pride parade is a bad thing. She thinks that by the Boy Scouts participating in gay pride parades (or speaking positively about homosexuality in general) “there will be a flood of those interested in having sexual contact with young males. It’s a reality that has existed since the beginning of human history, some people insist on this sin and they insist on it with children”. Apparently no one has told this fallacious-argument spewing thundercunt that homosexuality is a sexual orientation and pedophilia is a sexual/mental disorder. And if anyone knows about pedophilia and sexual misconduct, it is conservative Christians (not just the Catholics, mind you).
In June of 2014, the Leadership Journal on published an article written by a youth pastor who had gone to jail for having sex with underage girls under his care. The article in question has since been pulled down because someone pulled their head out of the sand and realized letting a child molester wax poetically about how his sexual misconduct was just a bad fucking idea.
Then there’s the story of Marie Jensen, which I discovered thanks to The Friendly Atheist blog run by Hemant Mehta. Here’s the link to that. Jensen discusses the youth pastor, who by the way is still leading youths in another church, and the realization she came to later in life that what she experienced was rape.
You know what you don’t see in the news every fucking time you turn around: a story about gay men fucking children. But it seems every year there are more and more stories about Christian pastors and youth leaders who can’t seem to remember that fucking their congregation members (especially the ones that aren’t legally able to give consent) is not the Christian thing to do. And yet the gays are the threat to America’s youth. I don’t fucking think so. It seems rapidly apparent to me that some Christian churches are nothing more than buffets for pastors to sink their teeth into soft-hearted, impressionable people seeking guidance to get through life.
My mother’s right: I don’t put too many caveats about the different types of Christians in my essays. And I’m not going to start any time soon. If American Christians want people like me to stop beating the drum on podcasts and blogs about their hypocrisy, then they should clean their fucking eyes out and clean house. But they won’t. It’s far easier for progressive Christians to sit meekly in their pews and let Conservative Christian cocksuckers ruin their faith’s image while stepping on the rights and freedoms of honest, law-abiding Americans. It’s not atheists like me, or the LGBTQ community, or the secular movement, or Satan, or any other imaginary farce cooked up by pastors and religious hucksters to make the overwhelming majority in this country feel like a persecuted minority who give Christianity a black eye.

It’s every single Christian who thinks it is okay to let their faith be hijacked by fanatics.  


  1. homosexualism is not allowed

    1. First, learn proper English.

      Second, while your opinion is valid to you, I consider it the rambling of an immature bigot.

      Third, you don't get to decide how law-abiding citizens live their lives.