Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ten More Cliches Christians Shouldn't Use

When I recall my time as a believer, I’m not proud of some moments. I made some good friends, some of whom I still remain in contact with. But there were times I was an arrogant shit solely because I thought I was saved from damnation. There’s an arrogance to the solipsism of Christianity that serves as an affront to my sensibilities now, something I hadn't seen when I in the religion. The cliches on this list and the previous one don’t apply to all Christians (no sense painting everyone with the same brush). Mostly I've found these used by fundamentalist varieties of Christianity but that doesn’t mean more liberal-minded Christians haven’t used them as well. Here they are:

Friday, November 15, 2013

D is for The Doctor

I grew up in an eclectic, strange household. My mother is a redneck, born and raised from rural Mississippi. To give you an idea of how rural I’m talking, downtown for her hometown is four blocks in each direction. She shares some of the gumption and attitude one expects from a Southern woman: hospitality is offered to all friends but it’s not a good idea to piss her off. Deep down though, my mother’s a geek. She was the one who introduced me to science fiction. From Star Trek to Star Wars to Dune, from the Toho monster films to the 1950s version of The War of the Worlds, I was given over to the strange and campy world of science fiction as a fresh acolyte.
And then I discovered the mad man with the blue Police box, otherwise known as the Doctor.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sexism and Misogyny: How to be a Douchebag

My close friend Erica tagged me on the above article after she found it. The link will take you there. While I loathe sending any web traffic to this asshole, I want it included so you can see the source of my anger. I’ve made my thoughts on female empowerment clear before in the essay and podcast concerning women going to college ( After reading this article, I felt compelled to write a detailed response. The question of female self-esteem is not really this guy’s point; rather, the point he’s actually attempting to make is how female independence is wrong, especially if it’s independence from male subjugation.

Worth Determined- A Spoken Word Poem

This is a poem written in conjunction with an essay and podcast that will be uploaded as well. Enjoy.