Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nightmare Follows

I run away, towards the edge.
My nightmares
chase me
with the relentlessness
of Death.

All the mistakes, morphed
into demonic monsters;
flayed torsos, beating hearts open
for surgery; Eyelids removed, open-eyed sleep;
Muscles in legs churning in full view, propelling
emaciated bodies, screams
from mouths with no lips, caterwauls
of hunger and pain rattle my ears,
never-ending vibrations of torment.

The edge is near, the cliff is finite.
Below the waves roll like wild horses
stampeding suicidally against the rocks.
I run over the edge, a looney character
thinking air is concrete. The fall doesn't hurt,
it's pleasant, like a morphine drip.

The nightmare lemmings follow,
a second stampede
flying after me.
It's a spectacle. We need the 
big-top now, with the side-show
and a barker selling overpriced tickets
to all the marks.

Let's look under the waves, I think,
as I get ready for the splash. 

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