Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nightmare Follows

I run away, towards the edge.
My nightmares
chase me
with the relentlessness
of Death.

All the mistakes, morphed
into demonic monsters;
flayed torsos, beating hearts open
for surgery; Eyelids removed, open-eyed sleep;
Muscles in legs churning in full view, propelling
emaciated bodies, screams
from mouths with no lips, caterwauls
of hunger and pain rattle my ears,
never-ending vibrations of torment.

The edge is near, the cliff is finite.
Below the waves roll like wild horses
stampeding suicidally against the rocks.
I run over the edge, a looney character
thinking air is concrete. The fall doesn't hurt,
it's pleasant, like a morphine drip.

The nightmare lemmings follow,
a second stampede
flying after me.
It's a spectacle. We need the 
big-top now, with the side-show
and a barker selling overpriced tickets
to all the marks.

Let's look under the waves, I think,
as I get ready for the splash. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Special Message

I in no way advocate the murder of politicians or the President of the United States, no matter what kind of dipshit gets elected to that office. This is merely a poetic vision of an apocalyptic nightmare I recently had.

Here stands the carious commander-in-chief,
the putrescent president,

his lectern crumbling under flames
while 3 suns bloom on the horizon.

His jaw stammers up and down
on a bleached skull
which slowly browns
under the heat

(he's between basting cycles),

the timber and plaster set-piece
degenerates suddenly,
blasting apart in a wave
of fiery malice.

There was a joint session
of Congress in attendance as well,
skeletons applauding the spectral address. 

Dust, human ash, and deficient dreams
drift away like spilled seeds

but the ground beneath them lays infertile.