Sunday, December 30, 2012


Nothing is safe from your unwashed, profaned privates, nothing.
You once humped a no-legged woman named
Happy. You spun her. Now
Happy only plays sad songs on her harmonica.
Then you shanghaied a German girl, followed by a German boy
then, for fun, the whole of Germany.
Your bedsheets have received so many
ministrations and ejaculations
that when the sheets became sentient
they ran away and fathered 84 children.
Deep down, in the shuttered and padlocked closet
where your light-deprived infantile mushroom of a soul
resides, you must know that all this senseless humping
will do you no good.
But don’t come home…
Grandma hasn’t forgive you for humping her dentures
while they sat on the nightstand. And the nightstand
wasn’t appreciative either. 

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