Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ten Counter-Proposititions from One Atheist to Christians

     A recent article by Greg Clarke entitled “Ten Key Propositions for Atheists and Christians Today” grabbed my attention. As an atheist, I find myself drawn to the writings of Christian apologists as a matter of curiosity. I read many works by men such as Hal Lindsey, Norman Vincent Peale, and Lee Strobel when I was a believer. Revisiting those works now that I have switched positions brings a different perspective. Clarke’s ten propositions are directed at the faithful (evidenced by the article being posted on This article has less to do with pointing out proposals for interactions between atheists and theists but rather to reaffirm the faith theists already possess, should the readers of the site begin have moments of free thought. As such, these are my counterpropositions to Clarke’s ten proposals.