Sunday, October 28, 2012


The only thing that
could come between a
fat man and a donut is
the donut’s suicide note.

The donut allows the wind to carry
it into traffic like the brushing sweep
of a broom clears a porch. The
tragic bit is the note, written in
flakes of sugary white clumps. It reads

             He touches me.


Use your words, I tell him
but he refuses,
stubborn as granite under a

His silence is more disturbing
than his commands,
then the thunderclap of the spanking
after the lightning strike of the paddle.

But this silence
is a funeral dirge
and the coffin is soon covered
in dirt.
He even brought flowers
to pretty up the gravestone. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The End Myth

One weekend is all it takes;
One weekend and a big fight,
the Armageddon fight
where the two adults become
Gog and Magog,
Antichrist and Christ.
And just like that end times myth,
this fight is not fair.
All that remains is a rented room
with one lightbulb (burnt out)
and a bed as empty and lonely
as a crowded funeral march.